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An advertisement uses an illustration of a nurse to endorse a malt extract for patients who cannot eat solid food, ca. 1895

National Library of Medicine

Back of postcard has section for handwritten note.
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    David Nicholson Co., St. Louis, MO
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    First-class Gold Medal awarded to David Nicholson's "Liquid Bread." at the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial over all Competition, June 2d, 1885.
    David Nicholson's "Liquid Bread" a pure extract of malt.
    This is the finished product, of the highest practically educated skill, ripened by time, and extracted from the finest selected materials within the reach of purchase. It is a wholesome and delicious effervescing table beverage. In addition it is a remedial agent, of wide applicability and the most sterling merit. It is especially rich in Diastase, a substance which is of the utmost service in converting the starch of food into sugar and dextrine, and thus rendering it easily assimilable; it is therefore invaluable to Dyspeptics. It is also an unsurpassed tonic; a promoter of appetite, a source of muscular strength, an augmenter of nervous energy and a fat-producing hydro-carbon. To nursing mothers, to children naturally feeble or with vitality impaired by disease, to many troubled with nervous exhaustion and insomnia, to convalescents suffering from malnutrition, to those threatened with pulmonary trouble, and to those already affected with wasting diseases, such as cancer and consumption, it will be found indispensable. In every other respect it fully equals if it does not surpass the various similar preparations of Malt now before the public but in especially two characteristics: the remarkably small quantity of Alcohol in its composition (less than 3 per cent.) and its extreme palatability, the "Liquid Bread" far excels them all. It is grateful to invalids with the most delicate stomachs, and taken with relish by ladies of the most fastidious palates.
    The trade supplied by David Nicholson, St. Louis and David Nicholson, P. O. Box 961, New York. Sold by all druggists.
    F. C. Joslyn & Co., No. 72 S. West Street, Syracuse, N. Y.