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Not in the Prescription, an illustration of the popular romantic fantasy of a nurse and soldier in love, ca. 1916

National Library of Medicine

Back of postcard has section for handwritten note.
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    Tuck's Post Card Carte Postale
    [Stamp]1/2 Postage Revenue 1/2 Halfpenny
    [Illegible postmark]
    "Not in the Prescription."
    By Appointment
    (For Address Only.)
    Copyright London
    Raphael Tuck & Sons "Oilette" Postcard No. 8797. Art Publishers to their majesties the King & Queen.
    Printed in England
    [Handwriting] Hoping this P. P. C. will meet with your full approval!! In great Last yours Nellie Clifford Monday 22nd
    [Handwriting] Miss J. Thompson. c/o Mrs Clefford "Whislaw Mr. Sheffield