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Science – TIME

Science – TIME

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  • Scientists Are Using a Particle Accelerator to Unwrap a Mummy’s Secrets
    Scientists are using highly powerful X-rays to examine a mummy from ancient Egypt, hoping to find secrets about the nanostructure of Ancient Egyptian bones that might benefit modern medicine. A team at Northwestern University in Chicago is conducting the experiments, which allow researchers to see details of the mummy’s insides without removing its delicate wrappings.…
  • Budweiser Wants to Brew Beer on Mars. That’s Even Harder Than It Sounds
    If you’re traveling to Mars, you’re going to have to bring a lot of essentials along — water, air, fuel, food. And, let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t mind packing some beer too. A two-year journey — the minimum length of a Mars mission — is an awfully long time to go without one of…
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