Police arrest Jody Williams

A Deadly Legacy:

Jody Williams demonstrating against war, Washington, DC, 2003
Courtesy Linda Panetta, Optical Realities Photography

Jody Williams coordinated the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. She has participated in events all over the world to protest landmines and has risked arrest to express her opposition to war.


What does this image of global health mean to you?

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this shows someone being arrsested but it also shows flowers which shows two diffrent sides of this world,the happy sides represented by the flowers and the cruel side shown by the arrested woman

I can't believe she got arrested! She did great things to ban landmines.

I am disgusted that the government and some other -countries only care about military issues but they do not consider their citizens

Landmines are not good. The U.S. should sign the treaty. Go Jody Williams!

I think its so ironic that the countries that usually go to war haven't signed it.

90% of the time, police are on the wrong side of a protest. Those in power will never allow change. We need to demand it.

Why cant the U.S. just sign it.. we have more technology.. We can help other countries out..

It doesnt make any since that the United States didnt make any land mind rules

It is ridiculous that the United States of America is one of the few countries who did not sign the treaty prohibiting land mines. What does this say about our country.

Land mines are a serious problem for third world countries recovering from war. I find it very dissapointing that the United States was one of the countries that did not sign the treaty because they would loose land mine sales. The message that sends out to the rest of the world is that money is more important than lives. I commend these people for standing up for the people around the world that can't be heard!

This image of health shows that many people are ignoring the effects of war on the health of thousands of innocent people. It also shows that more people should get involved in protesting against these unfair policies such as land mines.

The exhibit was logically arranged and very informative, providing different perspectives.It also provided an informative history and progress to the present day. Our docent was well-informed and gracious.

Judith Wortman, Office of Communications and Govrnment Relations, NIAID/NIH.

The ICBL meets this week with various nations to negotiate a treaty against cluster bombs:

Why is it that the US is one of the few countries that didn't ban landmines? Do we know what those things do to people? I think that landmines are a horrible way of bringing forth peace in any part of the world. Protesting is what everyone should be doing!

I think that we should help the pepole of the world! So they won't be really sick!

As one way to oppose war and its horrific consequences, we need to continue to pressurize our government to join the international landmine treaty through public action and protests. The majority of nations have. Landmine casualties are overwhelmingly civilian.

It illustrates that we can always do more to help the world hear our message. It takes a lot of courage to speak up - and when we do, it becomes very clear that the people in charge often prefer that we just shut up and play along.

I feel proud of people willing to stand up and protest.