Patients rest on cots and in wheelchairs in airport terminal

In Challenging Times:

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, New Orleans, 2005
Courtesy DMAT San Diego CA-4

Responding to the Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) from San Diego set up a temporary clinic in Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to prepare people for evacuation.


What does this image of global health mean to you?

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The picture shows all the effects of this devestating hurricane that has happened. It shows all the losses that people have suffored. Many people have lost there friends, family and everything they held dearly. It also shows poeple helping each other and sends a message saying that we should also help and give as much as possible from our lives.

We must remember that Katrina was a natural disaster and not a creation of the Bush Adminstration. The only method to prevent the effects of such a disaster is to promote and advocate for emergency response preparedness by the local, state, and national government. Often the local is seen as a hindrance to the national response, but as it is evident in this situation, the mayor and governor of Louisiana needed to coordinate with the federal government.

i believe that the bush administration should be ashamed of the way that they handled hurricane Katrina. Especially Condaleeza Rice, she was buying Ferragamo shoes while people needed help in New Orleans.

I believe that this disaster is a serious issue being that it could possibly lead to many bacteria infections and diseases. If the government would take a better stand and have a higher regaud for public health I think that fixing Louisiana would be with things that are top priority. You always see the government officals when thing first happen and then months later there is not help to be found. Taking care of our citizens is important. Health and healthcare are a problem! Global health in a whole needs to be taken more seriously. I send love and blessings to all those affected

I think it's important that people help each other especially when they are suffering fronm something as hard as a hurricane. It is important that we all give a helping hand because you never know when YOU are going to need one in return!

This picture, all of Hurricane Katrina, is a warning of what is going to happen to the rest of the world if we don't turn around and change our lifestyles. We need to start recycling, taking better care to not use massive amounts of energy unecesarily because this is the result. Even if we ourselves don't feel the effects first hand, global warming IS changing the earth leading to more natural disasters.

though the occurences displayed on this screen is highly unfortunate if not unbearable to see for others, it is imperative that these evacuative tactics be practiced thoroughly and efficiently for many years to come.

It is deplorable that this happened in the US where there are many resources for these people. It shows how much poverty exists within the US and cities. But the people came together through this tragic event and helped those who needed health care the most.

The picture reveals the state of global heath, which is not a good one. It shows that global health is in pretty bad shape, and that something needs to be done to improve the state of global health, because the current state just isn't cutting it. The current state of global health is poor, and the world needs to work together to improve the heath worldwide and just to make the world a healthier place to live; because the world is the only place that we have to live.

Adrianna G.

I think that they should have a permanat center for people and more than one. i think this because judging by this image makes me very angry that there are so many people in one area

We are very fortunate people. We should count our blessings everyday and pray for those less fortunate.

the images of harricane katrina was very scary but i hope everybody is okay and have a safe place to sleep.

this picture shows how fragile our home on earth is, and how it can be turned upside down when a national disaster lik this happens. we are not going to survive the worst if we keep ignoring the truth and preparing ourselves for things like katrina.

It appears more comfortable than the Louisiana Superdome. Why weren't black people given the same access to this health clinic?

The abstract concept "global health" must be translated into defined activities by skilled individuals--that is, we must all get involved, either by volunteering our time or giving our money.

This Airport is an ideal location for a temporary clinic due to the availability of flights to remove patients from the immediate danger zone. This picture also evokes the thought that in a human crisis people will work together tirelessly to save lives.

The images of the Katrina disaster in general always remind me of the people left behind, both in a physical sense and a moral or political sense, those who are not being cared for by the American health care or greater political system. But the people in this picture are at the airport -- I try to remember whether they were the lucky ones, being actively rescued? My memory of the events is that, perhaps most tragically, since they were at a transportation hub that might have sped their evacuation, these people were just as helpless and unable to get the help they needed as those concentrated and trapped at other sites in New Orleans during the crisis.

The vision presented by this photo is rather terrifying. You have two distinctly different messages: one of modernism and progress, exemplified by the new airport building, the lighting, the structure itself. And then you have all these bodies lying on the ground. Doesn't fit. And it's downright scary. We will never be able to build something sound enough to withstand Mother Nature.