Nurses march past South African military truck

A Model for the World:

Nurses protest apartheid and the segregation of their profession, South Africa, 1958
Courtesy Bailey's African History Archives, photograph by Bob Gosani

In 1948 the South African government introduced apartheid, (literally “separateness” in Afrikaans), a legal system of racial segregation enforced until 1994.


What does this image of global health mean to you?

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I think that this is a good cause for the nurses to Have freedom

I think it is good for these nurses to protest for such an important cause. Freedom of speech should be allowed and practiced, not only in the US, but all over the world.

Segregation, or "apartheid" did not only exist in the US but in other countries around the world. I hope that today we are past the ignorant stand of segregation. Health care and the opportunity to study health should be open to everyone because of all of the problems the world is facing-health needs every help it can get.

i think this was a very thoughtful andinteresting course

i think that this was very affective and helpful.

i think that this exhibit was very helpful in this matter. i learned alot during my trip.

tank u

globel health means to me that you socialize with people and you make sure you are eating right foods. Also that you need to exersize and not to be in war because countrys are getting hurt because of it.

well the nurses in this country mean alot so if they protested for something that they thought was unfir then that's there choice but i mean that's just my opinion

i love my mommy anyways back to the subject i think i was really inspired by the two boys who wanted to stop the gun use in their communitn

I've always been in awe of medical professionals. They truly have an understanding of meeting physical needs in a selfless way. They are often the first to see the effects of behaviors, habits, attitudes and actions. They are certainly the watchmen/watchwomen of the globe. We need to listen when they speak.

we could give nets to the homes in Africa so they dont have masqitos dont bit them.

This photo makes me think that there was a change going on around the world when it came to civil rights and segregation and that it was about time for a change and we should be thankful and remeber those who fought for racial equality

Once again, the passion for health moved individuals and groups to defy rulers and to ignore fear. What a lucky sensation health workers have, they are empowered by their passion to help others and in the process of doing so, they liberate their minds and spirits.

Given the political climate at the time, this was a very courageous move by the nurses.
UK hospitals coulsd not function today without black healthcare personnel!